Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One down!

And up next, Martha:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Only a temporary glitch

I went home all fired up to start Martha last Monday... and realised that the two different colour batches of yarn I had were hugely different. Gahh, back to square one!

Luckily, I caught a lurgy and was home sick from work on Wednesday and Thursday, so I called around and took a trip to Spotlight, where I found enough cotton from the same batch to actually start Martha.

Phew, that was close! I've promised The Trouser I'll only buy yarn with a purpose in mind, since we're moving in 4 1/2 months - and 9 balls of mismatched cotton didn't really cut the mustard with him.

I've decided to make a start on a sleeve while I get accustomed to the pattern. I like having a smaller piece to work on when I make the inevitable mistakes, since it's smaller to unpick. And there's something so dispiriting about having the back and fronts finished, but still having the sleeves to do, so I'm trying a different approach.

At any rate, so far, so good. I love the colour I've chosen (will post pics later), and the pattern is easy enough, but not mind-numbingly boring. I've taken to calling this the honeymoon cardigan, since I plan to wear it then - but I could easily see myself wearing it a lot leading up to the wedding, if I ever get it done!

Monday, October 09, 2006

On your marks, get set...

I feel guilty as hell about not having started on Martha yet, but the time has arrived.

Last Friday afternoon I drove across town - twice - to get the requisite cotton yarn, and beads that I sincerely hope will fit. I do have some green beads left over from my last beaded cardi, but I like the new beads better for this project.

- And just quietly, over 1,000 beads? Really? Are we sure that isn't a typo? -

I've chosen a lovely pale, pale green cotton and pearly white beads. The cotton is deceptive - it looks washed out as a ball, but is much prettier once it's knit. I'll post a pic once The Trouser takes one for me (my very amateurish photography really must be avoided as much as possible!).

Over the weekend I toiled on my outstanding WIP, a Forecast for my mother. Last night I did the final bit of sewing required (I really must try knitting sleeves in the round, I'm sure it would make me happier once I got the hang of it), thoroughly wet and blocked it.

So that's it - the decks are cleared for Martha! I may even cast on... okay, load a bunch of beads on... tonight!